Mass media all over the world often say that our country is a source of threat, violence and illegality, they always look to Russia from a political point of view. But we would like to shout, that in Russia you can see other things. There are cultural traditions, there are people who react sensibly to violence and injustice, there is love.

From 2000 to 2008, about 15 of our trips to Europe took place. In 2017, we resumed foreign trips in a tour «From Moscow with Love» (Italy, Poland, Switzerland). Three trips are planned for 2018: Easter week in Rome, August in Ireland (Dublin, Cork), October in Spain.

We carry 4 music programs with us
— Spiritual music (Ave Maria, parts of the holy mass, spiritual arias of Bach, Handel, Pergolesi, Rachmaninov, etc.)
— Classic Russian romance (Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and other authors)
— Folk songs of Russia and Ukraine
— songs from the repertoire of the great Russian artists of the 20th century — F.Shalyapin, P.Leschenko A.Vertinsky, A.German and others (songs of Russian gypsies, Russian tango of the 30s)

Our story

Years 2002- 2011 Baroque vocal music especially spiritual was our main point of reference, and the group was called «Magnificat».
Concerts were not only in Moscow, «Magnificat» more than a year in sum spent for trips to Poland, Italy, Germany, etc.: more than 200 concerts!
In 2004 and 2008 we brought in Italy the Masses of Schubert and Mozart. We took part in the liturgy and then gave concerts of classical and ancient Russian music in the Pantheon in Rome, in the Basilicas of S.Croce, of SMN in Florence, in churches in Naples, Assisi, Bari, Foggia and Bovino.
By 2012 , we learned the romantic repertoire, we joined a series of new artists, and the ensemble of ancient music «Magnificat» in Moscow take the name «Ottocentoclub». Previous programs have continued with us, but now the base of the repertoire is 19th-century music. 20th century: Schubert and Grieg, Mahler and Ravel, Ciaikovski and Rachmaninov.
Last year we prepared a vocal tango program from the 1930s.
The club made contracts with concert halls in Moscow and its suburbs, for many Club members became the main professional occupation.
In 2017 about 60 concerts were held as part of the project «From Moscow with love» when we sang in churches, in cultural centers in Rome, Verona, Milan, Ticino (Switzerland), Gdańsk (Poland ).
The task of the Club at home, in Russia is to find the right place for the music of the past centuries in the life of the people of the new era, making the bridge from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first.
We do not make «single-use» events, each concert is designed to be an event in which many things have been brought together — actual and witty theme, considered commentary by presenter, who allows spectators even those who are far from the material to enter into their complex sense bearing field, to become the interlocutor of the authors of music and its interpreters.